Bandicut Review – The Best Video Cutter Software For Windows


There are times when you want to cut some parts in the video; either those parts are fillers, or you are just trying to make the video short. Such instances occur on a variety of levels, and need to have a good, and easy to use video cutter is always there. Sure, you can use the fancy video editor to simply trim the video, but you will need a powerful computer to use those video editors on as well.

This is where Bandicut comes in; if you have not heard about this software before, it comes from the same folks who gave us Bandicam, but the purpose of this software is to simply help you cut videos so you can upload them without any issues whatsoever. If you are looking for the best video cutter software, this is where you should be looking at.

In this review, we will be looking at Bandicut in detail, and will be exploring some of the main features as well. This is to ensure that the readers get the proper idea about the software, and make the decision accordingly.

Bandicut Features

As always, we are going to shed light on the features of Bandicut first. Once that is done, we can move onto the review. The features are important from a standpoint that many people decide to choose the software, or use it just by looking at the features. If we do not do that, we can run into some issues.

Below are some of the most common features of Bandicut that you must know.

Cutting Video in a Single Segment

If you just want to cut a single segment of a video, you can use the video cutter feature of the software and easily cut your video into a single segment. Of course, the segment of video will be your choice entirely, the option is certainly there if you want.

Split Video into Multiple Files

If you want to split a single video into multiple videos, you can do that too. The process is easy and effortless to say the least, and only takes a couple of minutes. You can do so by choosing the video splitter option.

Merge Videos

There are times when we have a single video in multiple parts, and we just want to join them together. Or there are situations when we have to join 2 different videos together and combine them. In a situation like that, the video joiner feature works really well as it lets you do exactly that without any issues whatsoever.

Remove Parts You Do Not Need

If you have a video that has parts that you are not in need of, the good thing is that with Bandicut, you can easily remove those unwanted parts. Doing so is simple and will only take a few minutes. The past part is that it will not even look like that the video has been edited in any way.

Merge Different Segments of the Same Video

This is great for content creators who are more than likely to merge different segments of the same video together. Especially when you have recorded videos on different instances, and you want to merge them at once without any issues whatsoever. I know the process might look like something that is on the difficult side, but in reality, it is a fairly easy, and simple to follow process.

Extract MP3 Files

There are several instances when you are watching a movie, or a video, and you come across a segment with a really nice song playing. Instead of Googling the lyrics of that song, with Bandicut, you can simply extract that song using the audio extractor feature that is available in that video. This feature is really convenient, and has helped me create my playlist effortless, and without any issues.

How to Use Bandicut Video Cutter

Using the Bandicut is a fairly simple and straightforward process. You just need to install the software, run it, and everything is in front of you. The interface is even simpler to understand so you do not run into any confusions.

Still, for the first timers who are a bit intimidated by the software, we are going to look at the tutorial that will teach you how to use Bandicut Video Cutter without any issues whatsoever. So, let’s not waste time and have a look.

Step 1: Download and install Bandicut from here.

Step 2: Once the software is installed, simply go ahead and run it, and you will be presented by the interface below.

Step 3: Since we are focusing on the video cutter feature, click on Cut.

Step 4: You will be asked to select the video that you want to cut; simply navigate to where the video is and select that.

Step 5: Now that your video is selected, you simply have to choose the starting and ending point of the video and once that is done, click the start button.

Step 6: Once you do, you will get more options regarding the video cutting, you can dial in your settings accordingly, and then click on Start.

Step 7: Once the process is done, you will be given the following prompt as a confirmation.

That is it, folks. You just have to follow a simple tutorial, and you will be able to run cut, merge, or segment your videos without any issues whatsoever. The best thing about the Bandicut is that it is extremely easy to use, and this makes it so much more convenient than whatever else is available in the market.

Sure, you are not getting a lot of features than the basic ones, but there is nothing wrong with it, because, at the end of the day, the software works masterfully, and without any issues.


The thing about video cutter software solutions is that one search on Google, and you will find countless options available to you. However, the thing that you must know is that finding the right software is important as not all of them are going to give you the same experience.

The whole purpose of this review was to make sure that we cover the best possible video cutting software you can find in the market. Sure, you will find countless options, but as far as Bandicut is concerned, the software with this much simplicity and ease of use is not something that is going to be easily available

There are a lot of good things about the software; for starters, it happens to the easiest to use the software. With so many options available in the market, this is the software that requires least knowledge as to how it should be used. Everything about the software is right in front of you, and you can simply select the feature you want and be on your way.

On the flipside, the only thing that this software lacks is the fact that it does not come with a lot of advanced features. But as far as my user experience has been, I do not think that you are going to need the advanced features, because the software is built for the majority rather than for those who are looking for a specific feature.

Overall, as far as the features are concerned, the Bandicut is definitely one of the best video cutters available in the market.


  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Great for everyone.
  • Easy to understand interface.
  • Fast

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