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What do HH.ru resume views and Superjob mean?

Просмотры резюме на hh.ru и superjobWhat does HH.ru and Superjob resume views mean for a job seeker

Viewing the resume page on HH.ru and Superjob does not impose any obligations on the employer, just as viewing the product page in an online store does not mean that you are ready to buy.

Perhaps you are not even going to buy anything, but just “look”, but even if something interests you, then viewing does not mean anything – you ask the price, compare and you can return to the selection process the next day.

The same logic explains resume views.

There is no direct relationship between the number of views of a resume and the opportunity to get a job – an invitation to an interview can be received after one view, with a hundred views of a resume, you may not receive a single one.

When views of resumes on HH.ru and Superjob are registered

When employers click on a link on a resume page, for example, when viewing a feed for a posted job.

I already showed how it looks like in the article How Recruiters Consider Resumes in HH / Superjob – 7 Screenshots

If an employer is looking for a resume in the database of a job site, the feed consists of a search result of a resume for a search query specified by the employer.

I clicked on a resume from the search results – viewing is registered.

You can also mark your resume as viewed without opening it – there is such an option.

How to explain “random” resume views on HH.ru and Superjob

Random, in a sense, inexplicable.

The employer has no suitable vacancies, the profile of the activity is far from the specialization or experience of the applicant – why look through his resume.

First, your resume may have been included in the search results for a search query. We were looking for someone else, but the search engine found keywords in your resume – the recruiter could open the resume to find out if it contains information that will allow him to solve the problem of finding the right candidate.

Even if a resume is not interesting from the hiring point of view, it contains the data of referrals or the names of specialized companies, on the search of employees from which it makes sense to focus, or something else useful – the imagination of recruiters is inexhaustible.

Secondly, it is no secret that access to hh.ru could be provided to colleagues from another company disinterestedly or for money, so that another company might be interested in you under the cover of one company. p>

Thirdly, your name, phone number, and email address may be of interest to marketers who use databases of work sites to form bases for mailings and calls with offers of goods and services.

Why does the employer look at the resume several times

A first view can be recorded when an employer skims through job applications by opening some resumes.

The array of responses can be re-scanned to ensure that the resumes have been reviewed and selected worthy of attention, for a second review.

After all the responses have been reviewed several times, attractive resumes can be “revised” – they are all opened and compared – perhaps someone will not stand comparison – a third review.

You can also open your resume to view contact details for an interview invitation or send it to your manager – the fourth and fifth.

The resume can also be opened in order to once again make sure that the applicant does not meet the requirements and cannot be invited for an interview.

Or you can forget that your resume has already been received as a search, find it in the database and open it again.

Multiple views of a resume are features of working with a website, you should not pay attention to the number of views of a resume by one employer.

How to treat resume views

Don’t worry, neither about the number of resume views, nor about the frequency of their repetition.

The same applies to interview invitations and the interviews themselves, unless you have been asked to start work.

From now on you can be tormented by the agony of choice and doubts about choosing an employer, not earlier.

And, again, don’t waste your time looking at views – it won’t help you find a job.

When to think about resume views

When you write or proofread your resume.

The ease of reading a resume and the presence in its text of words and phrases that are often found in job descriptions increase the chances of finding a job.

It is not the views themselves and their number that are important, but the compliance of the resume with the requests of employers attractive to you.

Your resume may be viewed frequently, but if you open it and find there no content relevant to your requests, you will not be invited to an interview.

You should not be interested in the growth in the number of views, but in the number of invitations to interviews – and these indicators are not directly related.

Read more about this in the materials Top 10 mistakes when writing a resume on hh.ru and not only and SEO resume optimization for people and robots

In conclusion

I hope you have no further questions regarding resume views :-).

I wish you success in your job search!

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